Welcome to Green Leaves rewards and referral program!

Most of our sales come through a referral of happy satisfied customers.   We wanted to create a thank you program that shows our heartfelt gratitude in a meaningful way.  We believe our program is unique as it does not require you to continually purchase to be appreciated. 

Our referral program, Green Leaves, allows you to earn points (which we lovingly call collecting leaves) on all of your referral’s purchases – not just the first one!  And you can use your points for products, gift cards, discounts for yourself and others and even cash.

We thank you in advance for not only being a customer but for spreading the goodness of our products and helping others relieve pain, clear up skin conditions or nurture the face.

Ways to get more Leaves:

Signup: 100 leaves for signup

Invite referrals: 25 leaves for every referral that will use your personal link for signup .

Your referral’s purchase: you’ll receive 1000 leaves for every referral’s purchase.

Review our product: 100  leaves for any product review.

Purchase: you will receive 5 leaves for every $1 spent on our products.

Ways to spend Leaves:

Coupons: you can convert your leaves for the discount coupon code. Every 100 leaves will give you $1 discount on all of our products. You can use coupon code during checkout. Coupon generation is available in ‘My account’ page, please use ‘Generate coupon’ button. You must have at least 500 leaves to generate a coupon.

Send to friend: you can send any amount of leaves to you friend. Just provide his/her e-mail and leaves amount you would like to send on the ‘My account’ page in the ‘Share Points’ section.

Cashout: if you gathered more than 5000 leaves, you may cash them out. Please write us to and we’ll make a transfer to your PayPal account.